Septic Tank Rules

Connolly’s Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Septic System

DO have the septic tank pumped every two years (based on a typical family of four)

DO check bathroom vent pipes in the spring and fall for bird’s nests or wasp nests

DO use detergents that are labeled “septic friendly” or “septic safe.”

DO use a bacteria product (flushed down the toilet monthly)

DO space out the timing of your showers and loads of laundry so you do not overload the tank and laterals


DON’T plant trees near the lateral field – their roots eventually will grow into the lateral system!


DON’T put really greasy foods down the garbage disposal


DON’T allow heavy vehicles or machinery to drive over the area of the septic tank or lateral field


DON’T pour motor oil down floor drains


DON’T pour motor oil DON’T flush cigarette butts down the toilet – they will not break down into sludge